U.S. Math Skills: Not Very Nice?

Your Kid Might Be Better Off Learning
Math In Kazakhstan Than In These States

Unlike students around the world, Americans do not take the international exam Trends in International Math and Science Study, which measures how primary school students are faring in major subjects. However, a study released by the U.S. government last week shows how American students WOULD fare, if they were to take the test.

The results were mixed. While Massachusetts, the highest performing state in the country, had scores aligning with the education powerhouse of Japan, other states like Mississippi and Alabama had scores that were similar to countries that aren’t typically lauded for their excellent education systems.


One thought on “U.S. Math Skills: Not Very Nice?

  1. You miss the key point here. There is nothing new about this. What you miss is that some states and some schools within almost all of the states do as well as the very top scoring countries. In other words, public education works for those cohorts. SInce public education works for some, then the question is, why doesn’t it work for all? The short answer is: poverty.

    When you sort these students by socio-economic status, that conclusion becomes obvious.

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