You’ll Never Print Again

You’ll Never Print Again

Back in the day, students—especially college students—used to be some of the biggest consumers of paper. Being in college used to mean hefty, 1000-page textbooks, lengthy syllabi printed out for each and every class, and 10-page term papers printed out hurriedly before they’re due. While a printer may have been a student’s best friend in the years past, the fact of the matter is that, suddenly, students don’t need the sheer volume of paper that used to come with the territory. Digital technology has been edging the old printer out more and more over the past few years, and now all of that paper has begun to tend towards the obsolete. Thick, page-filled textbooks are being nudged out by the increasingly popular e-textbook. Students are required more and more to submit their papers online, rather than by printing them out. Rigorous note-takers are beginning to forgo the old pen and paper for sleeker tablets or laptops. The college arena, previously a notoriously paper-filled place, serves as a lens for what’s going on in the rest of the world, namely, digital technology has officially begun to take the place of printed paper.




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