Age of Austerity – Educational Spending In Decline

Age of Austerity – Educational Spending In Decline

Austerity is the opiate of the aristocracy. Austerity is defined as the quality or state of being, austere and enforced or extreme economy. But, what is the real meaning behind this macroeconomic manifesto that has rapidly expanded across the globe? Who wins and who loses with the so-called trim the fat fiasco?

What is the real endgame? We live in a world defined by debt. National Debt, State Debt, City Debt, Credit Card Debt, Student Loan Debt, Mortgage Debt, Macro Debt and Micro Debt. Why is this the case? Who thought this nefarious scheme up? Are you aware of the sea of debt that you’re living in? Most people know little or nothing about economics, let alone the underlying principles of macroeconomics that are at work in this debt debacle. If we’ve learned anything since the great recession in 2008 began, it’s that there really isn’t a debt crisis. As crazy as it may seem, the facts speak for themselves.

When one unravels all the threads of this tapestry of deceit; the Great Recession,
and the Sub-prime Sucker Punch, it is clear to see that we have all been had.

The crony 1%, the aristocracy, the monopolistic plutocrats, the wealthiest people in the world, their corporations, their banks and the politicians that they own, have created a massive charade and the greatest wealth transfer scheme of all time.

First they created a real estate bubble, then they sold all of the overvalue property that
they could. Anyone that wanted it, no matter their ability to pay and no matter the risk to the lending institutions were given whatever they asked for because all of it was backed up by the US Government.

Next, they introduced what appeared to be complicated financial issues called derivatives. What followed was the collateralization of debt obligations and other esoteric names, which concealed toxic assets inside what looked to be some good ones.
They were able to get a AAA rating for their product and sold it to investors and
even nations through sovereign funds

They also created a new type of insurance scam call the credit default swap so that
they could bet against what they sold. They knew ahead of time that all of this debt was going to go bad.

When the real estate bubble finally burst and the financial instruments went under,
the business men on Wall Street, who started this whole mess, made out like bandits

They even got bailed out by you and I to the tune of almost $16 trillion. This includes bailing out corporations and banks all around the world without our knowledge or permission. Due
to the phony financial crisis that was created, the misinformed masses have been led to believe that prosperity will only come by way of more cut backs. The reduction of social services, pensions and government spending, (except for military) is necessary for the
economy to  flourish again. Lowering all taxes on the rich and selling off all of our best public assets will also help to  alleviate our fractured financial system.

They call it austerity, in other words, you and I and all of those who did not create the economic collapse will ultimately have to give the Robber Barons, our wealth, our children and our country.


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